How Do You Finish Your Internship On A Positive Note?

By Mel

Great internships can be hard to come by. If you’ve been fortunate enough to land an internship with a great employer, you should leave them with a positive impression of you.

Even if you haven’t had the best time, you’ll never know when a co-worker, manager or co-ordinator might pop up sometime, somewhere in your career.

Tie up your loose ends

If you’re finishing your internship but you’re still involved in ongoing projects, make an effort to ensure that someone is aware that particular tasks need to be looked after once you’re gone. It will show the company that you’re responsible and care about the projects you’ve been working on.

This can also be a chance to sneakily ask if you can stay on as an employee.

**You can send a thank-you note **

A quick email, letter or card that says thank you to your manager, favourite co-worker or even the other intern in the office can go a long way in making people remember you as a thoughtful, nice person.

You can find a thank-you note template here.

Get a small office gift

If you’re on good terms with your office, floor, team or just your close manager, a small gift is an awesome token of appreciation. If you can’t think of anything, chocolate is almost always the way to go!

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