Internships are the first step to a great career

How do you get a job without experience and how do you get experience without a job?

The answer is "internships".

They are a great opportunity for you to gain experience working and at the same time, an employer can check out you.

Know your rights

Generally, if you are not doing work and only observing, this is classed as "work experience" and does not have to be paid.

If you are doing actual work during an internship, and this counts towards a credit where you study, it may not need to be paid (do your own research)

However, if you are doing work in an internship, and it is not gaining you credits with your course, then by law you should be paid. In reality, in many industries, this is often not the case - but you should be aware it is illegal.

We remove ads when we see them offering unpaid, no-course-credited roles.


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