How Can My University Help Me Get An Internship

By Mel

Most unis will offer experience courses and industry experience programs without much need for previous experience. These are usually for course credit or you can get it listed on your AHEGS (Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement) which is great!

These are great internship opportunities as usually the uni can support you if you have a bad time and you don't end up just fetching coffee for six weeks.

1. Look at your degree electives

Have a look through the courses you can choose in your degree and see if there are any electives like this.

Usually, business, arts and engineering degrees offer a few industry experience courses, whilst science faculties often offer research internships or special project courses.

2. Uni employment centre & jobs board

If you don’t qualify for a course, you can have a look at your uni’s career and employment portals for any internships offered. Universities also usually have an employment centre or a jobs board which advertises opportunities just for students so hop on that too!

3. Use your contacts

Lastly, if you’re really good at schmoozing your professors and lecturers, you can actually ask them for help and suggestions for where you might be able to get a student internship. Students often forget that uni professors, lecturers and tutors are often working at other companies outside of their uni gig! If they like you, they might just recommend you.

If they aren’t able to help you, at least they’ll remember you’re a motivated student and fingers crossed might be lenient in your finals.

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