What If I Have Missed The Internships Applications Season?

By Mel

So... every company website with student internships is showing "applications closed". But is it really too late for applications? What else can you apply for if you've missed out the internships application dates?

Look for opportunities at smaller companies

Smaller companies, especially start-ups or businesses with less than 50 employees, are usually much more relaxed with their intern-hiring process and their cutoff dates.

Applying for these smaller internships early in your uni life are a great CV booster and can actually help you get the penultimate-year student internships, when you're competing with a much bigger pool of vacationer applicants!

At anytime of the year, you can search “internship” on Linkedin, or simply have a browse of what’s available on Student Internships and you’ll be able to find companies looking for interns.

Get a digital internship

There are year-round virtual internships offered by companies, either listed on InsideSherpa where you learn online and get experience solving problems and tackling challenges without ever actually having to step foot in an office.

Get a summer job

When the student internships season doesn't line up, why don't trying to get a summer job? Many of these summer jobs are for a few months when companies need extra help during the peak season. It's great if you can land a job in your preferred field, but any job will help show your work ethic. Check out Summer Jobs for all the Christmas casual jobs near you.

Bookmark the Student Internships employer pages

No matter where you are in your job search, you can always pop onto Student Internships to see what new opportunities we have as well as the internships that we have archived - we don't delete any job listings so it can help you get an idea of when to apply. Star these in your account and you will have shortlist of them when you login.

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