Will A Student Internship Help Your Career?

By Mel

Have you ever seen a job ad posted as ‘entry-level’ but the requirement is that you need 2 years of experience. And you’re like "hold up - what????

Here’s how doing an student internship can save you;

Learning from the best

Employers are always on the lookout for fresh talent and they know that students who may not have enough experience yet, can become really amazing employees with a bit of direction and guidance. So use the time to observe, learn and ask plenty of questions.

Practice what you learnt at uni

Usually, the minimum requirement to land an internship is that you’re studying something vaguely related to what the organisation does. This means that you really don’t need a grocery list of previous experience in order to apply for a majority of the student internships out there.

Internships that suit your schedule

There are always internships offered somewhere, sometime that aren’t exactly in summer or winter breaks (psst, if you want a job over Christmas, check out Summer Jobs). Many companies offer student internships that run throughout your university semester and can be flexible around your study schedule.

That's why it's always important to keep checking the website to keep seeing what new internships are being offered!

Even if you start at the bottom of the ladder, doing an internship or two can give you valuable ammo for when you start tackling the full-time job search.

Beyond experience, just being in and around an actual workplace can teach you really valuable people skills and show you what it’s really like out there.

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