Your free "Get Job Ready" pack

This free all-in-one pack is designed to answer all the questions you might have when you're looking or starting a new job.

Topics like;

  • What is a TFN?
  • Where do I get a TFN?
  • Why does my boss ask for a TFN?
  • How does tax work?
  • Why do young people often get tax refunds?
  • What is the "tax free threshold"? When do I claim it?
  • What forms will my boss ask me to complete on my first day?
  • Am I eligble for super?
  • How much is super?
  • Where does my super go?
  • How do I check my payslip?
  • How do I write a resume when I don't have much experience?
  • How do I get a summer job?