How Do I Get A Tax File Number?

By Jenny

Before you start a student internship, or any job... one of the most important things you'll need is a TFN.

A Tax File Number (TFN) is your personal reference number that connects you to the Australian tax and superannuation system. It's basically your "member number" at the tax office!

You'll be able to bring this same TFN to every future job you have. Once you have a TFN - it's yours for life so make sure you keep this safe as it becomes part of your identity.

Why do you need a TFN? You can work without a TFN, but without it you do pay additional tax on your pay and super, and it means you get limited access to government services.

Where do you apply? It's very easy to apply for one, it's free and you can do it at any time (even babies can get them!)

If you are an Australian resident, you can apply;

1. Online with an Australian Passport

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can get a TFN straight away by applying online using myGovID. Get started on the ATO website.

2. At an Australia Post outlet

First complete an online application form and visit an Australia Post outlet near you. Bring your forms and your original identity documents. Check before you go in case you need to book an interview.

3. At a Services Australia Centre

If you are a current customer, you can order the application form online. Bring the completed forms and original identity documents to your local Centrelink centre.

4. Via post

Order an application form and get copies of your identity documents certified (never send your original documents as you might not get them back) and follow the directions to post everything in.

Get started now

The processing time to get a TFN can take a few weeks, and as it's one of the things you need for your first day... get organised now!

For more information for foreign passport holders or people living outside Australia, check the ATO website.

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