Sales Coordinator - Internship Opportunity — Brisbane CBD, Brisbane

WANT TO MIX A GREAT WORK EXPERIENCE WITH AN AMAZING LIFE EXPERIENCE? Seize this unique opportunity to work for Selina, one of the world's fastest-growing lifestyle hospitality brands What is Selina? Our Mission is to inspire authentic and meaningful connections. Selina was born out of a desire to celebrate the nomadic lifestyle: to experience our planet's most beautiful places, to build community, to engage with locals and fellow travelers, to work and enjoy new adventures. Our internal ecosystem consists of Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Tours, Wellness, Education, Construction, Real Estate, CoWorking, Art & Design, Community Outreach, Education, Surf, Sales, Marketing, and Technology. At Selina, every challenge is a wave desiring to be ridden and since we're all equal before a wave our team is always ready to take them and succeed. But always remember… The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun. Summary We offer a learning development program where you can transform your classroom knowledge and develop your skills throughout all areas in the hospitality industry. As a Sales Rockstar you will: Hunt for Potential Guests: Embrace your adventurous side as you go on a hunt for potential guests. From social media stalking to hitting up events, you'll be on the lookout for those perfect matches for our amazing hotel. Spy on the Competition: Time to channel your inner detective You'll be snooping around to find out what our competitors are up to, spotting their weaknesses, and giving us the edge. Get Creative with Sales Stuff: It's time to show off your artistic flair Work with our awesome marketing team to design eye-catching brochures, presentations, and cool promo materials that'll make people go, "Wow, I gotta stay there" Be the Sales Support Superhero: You're the ultimate sidekick to our sales team Help keep things running smoothly by handling important tasks like organizing databases, setting up appointments, and making sure everyone's on the same page. Chat with Cool Customers: Prepare for some chatty fun You'll be reaching out to potential guests via emails, calls, or maybe even in-person. Answer questions, have some laughs, and charm them with our fantastic hotel offerings. Besides the Selina ultimate learning experience You also receive: Full free access to the Selina CoWork spaces, culture and wellness activities where you will connect with our unique environment and community. Your birthday is time off Cultural events and Wellness activities at Locations Voluntary Activities - Selina Gives Back Training Sessions 24/7 No Dress Code Discounts on Selina Products and services 3 Free night Accommodation (Dorms) in any Selina It only takes to be: Currently enrolled in the university Able to provide a university letter confirming the internship period Ready to learn and have fun but more importantly to immerse into a brand-new definition of Hospitality. This will be unlike any other internship You'll have fun, gain incredible experience, and learn constantly. Are you in?

Applications close Sunday, 3 March 2024
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