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Vacation Program - Melbourne

The BP Vacation program in Melbourne offers hand on commercial experience and network opportunities for business students and IT students.

Applications closed Aug 9, 2012

About the position

Type: Internship, Vacation employment

The program offers interns real opportunities in real jobs - earning a "realistic salary" while gaining valuable practical experience in BP's Australian head office.

The Vacation positions based in Melbourne are for;
- Commercial,
- Business,
- Marketing & Retail
- IT


The ideal candidate would be in their second or third year (or fourth if you’re doing a double degree) in any of the following areas of study:
- Business
- IT

More info

Related areas of study: Business, IT

Location: Australia: VIC

Visa requirements: Citizenship/PR Visa

Renumeration: Paid

Program website: View website

How to apply

Apply online.

Try out the BP "Self Assessment Questionnaire" online.

Applications closed Aug 9, 2012


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